July 17, 2015

SEO Perth Services

SEO Perth

SEO Perth is the slogan and the terms that are summarising the focus of the search engine optimisation strategies and services that Perth Metro SEO is engaging on behalf of your business. We employ all our SEO knowledge to put your business and your goods or services onto the Perth map for your customers to connect with you via their computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The Perth Metro SEO team can create your new website to be fully responsive to being viewed on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. We can build a new website from scratch or update your old one. A fully optimised site increases web traffic and enjoys improved search ranking results.


Social Media Management

Our agency can design and implement short-term and longer-term marketing campaigns, ranging from paid promotions on Facebook to establishing a content calendar across several social media platforms. We keep on top of the latest trends in order to keep you connected with your audiences and we are able to regularly post on your behalf to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube so that you can concentrate on what you do best! We also create custom images and content to attract the customers your business is looking for.

Search Engine Optimisation

Traditional SEO is ranking your website on the search engines based on the keywords that a user enters as a search term. Google compares all of your websites on-site optimisation, off-site optimisation, social engagement, and reviews to the one of your competitors and then concludes, whose site deserves to be ranked the highest. Our job is to deconstruct your competitor’s websites, develop a baseline of where your site is at in comparison and then develop a systematic plan to – take over!

Local Marketing and Reputation Management

Local SEO is a special discipline of web ranking that relies on the local search experience of the user, citation links from other web sites and directories back to your website and the search results related to Google Maps. It is clear, when your business ranks higher in Google Maps, then more customers will be able to find you. We can get you to that number one ranking spot and also ensure that your address and your phone number are ALWAYS displayed correctly by Google and everywhere else on the web as well. You should never lose one customer to an incorrect phone number.

Website Development and Maintenance

Our website design and development is geared towards standing the test of time and bearing the weight of many simultaneous users. Our websites have to be responsive to all devices that may be viewing the site, and secure to the many threats lurking about on the web. Our design outlook is focussed on the mobile handset because that is the device where most users are looking for their local products and services today and in the future. The number of users surfing the web from phones and tablets is growing with every day and is about to overtake “traditional” desktop visitors. It is important that your site is fast and easy to use on mobile devices. We choose server and hosting environments that can grow with your business. You do not want your site to go down from TOO MUCH traffic if your business is featured in the news. We also believe in maintaining our websites to ensure that the code is as up to date closing out any vulnerabilities an attacker could exploit. All our clients, large and small, have benefited from their partnership with SEO Perth Metro SEO. Isn’t it about time that YOUR business did the same? Call us now on 0403 215 013




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